How is the cooking done in mini turbo oven?
Halogen heater and fan are integrated in the cover of turbo oven. Halogen heater produces infrared wavelengths. The fan helps hot air circulate in the tank. As a result of airflow from all sides food is cooked quickly and evenly. Cooking is done without smoke and soot.

What can you cook in mini turbo oven?
Pastries are baked in the best way. You can also stew, fry, boil, steam, grill, barbecue, sterilize, defrost and reheat in turbo oven.

What foods can be cooked in grill mode?
Meat, chicken, fish, grilled vegetables can be cooked in grill mode.

Can I cook kebab in turbo oven?
It is possible. Skewers are included. 

What tableware can I use to cook soup?
Soup can be cooked in the bowl for microwave oven, metal or thick glass bowls.

How to cook steamed fish, meatballs or dumplings using turbo oven?
Steamer is included. Place food in the steamer and pour water into the container.

What other stands are available in the kit?
Low and high racks, frying pan.

Can I cook a few dishes?
It is possible. For example, put meat on a low rack, potatoes and vegetables on the high rack, place the racks in turbo oven and turn it on.

Where can I find recipes?
Recipes can be taken from cookbooks, you will only have to reduce the temperature and cooking time depending on the size of the product.

Can I cook a dish in its own juice?
Put food on a low rack. Excess fat will drip into the bowl. There is no need to turn over the products.

Is it difficult to manage turbo oven?
Turbo oven is easy to manage. Place your products in the container, set the temperature and time. The cooking process can be seen through the transparent walls of the container.

Is it hard to clean turbo oven?
Cleaning turbo oven is simple. Put racks and all accessories into the container, add water, add detergent and turn on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and dry afterwards. The container, racks and accessories can also be washed in the dishwasher.

What can I do for the food not to stick to the rack?
Wipe the racks with oil.

Why do I need an expansive ring?
With the expansive ring (increases the capacity of the container to 17 liter) you can cook a big Christmas turkey.

What do I do if a dish didn’t cook?
Time and temperature in the recipes are recommended. Depending on the size of the products try to reduce or increase the time and temperature.




Why buy a separate device, if yogurt, cottage cheese or ice cream can be bought in any market?
The list of ingredients indicated on the package is almost never true, you do not know what products in a supermarket are made from. And using unpasteurized milk and starter from the live bacteria you can cook delicious and healthy products (yogurt, cheese or ice cream).

What milk can be used to make yogurt?
Any milk can be used to make yogurt. But it is strongly recommended that in the production process you use unpasteurized non-durable storage milk which does not contain GMOs and preservatives.

Where can I buy a starter?
Cultures for preparation of various fermented milk products can be purchased at a pharmacy or online store.
Yoghurt - Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, lactic streptococci.
Bifivit, simbilakt - bifidobakterin, lactobacterine, propionic acid and acetic acid bacteria.
Narine – atsidolakt.
Cottage cheese - lactic acid bacteria-enzyme pepsin.
Vitalakt - Lactobacillus acidophilus, lactic acid bacteria.
Kefir - Kefir fungi.
Gerolakt - streptosan.
For how long can I use the starter?
Cultures can be used once. However, is also possible to use 50 ml of ready yogurt as a starter.

What kinds of yogurt can I make?
You can make milk, fruit and flavored yogurts. If your yogurt maker is with cups - you can make different kind of yogurt in each cup: with fruit, jam or milk.

Is it difficult to make ice cream?
To make ice cream you have to mix the necessary ingredients, pour the mixture into ice cream maker, press the button and put the ice-cream in the freezer.




What caps are included?
Universal knife, dough cap, disc for grating / cutting rings, disc for slicing / shredding strips, disc for fruit puree / potato pancakes.

How and why to use the disks?
All discs are double sided. Disc gets on with the needed cutting side. You can cut into rings, slice, grate, chop sticks, make fruit puree and potato pancakes with the help of disks.

What can be done with a knife?
Knife is used for slicing, chopping, chopping meat, vegetables and other foods, prepare stuffings.

Which fruit is the press used for?
Citrus: oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits, limes.

Why use a mill?
To grind coffee, nuts, sugar, herbs, and various grains.

Why Use a blender?
For preparing cocktails, jams and various beverages.

How much time is needed for preparing dough?
From 30 seconds to one and a half minutes.




What to do if the meat grinder doesn’t switch on?
Check whether you have assembled the meat grinder properly.

What to do if the meat grinder stuck?
Turn on the "Reverse".

What to do if the motor works intermittently?
Turn off the meat grinder and let the motor cool down. Meat grinder is not recommended to continually operate for longer than 10 minutes.

What extra features does the meat grinder have?
In addition to tips for preparing mince, sausages, tips for vegetable processing (cutting/grating/grinding) and tomato juicer are included.




What does the steam cleaner do?
It cleans and disinfects with steam virtually all things and household surfaces. Cleaning is done without chemicals.

What is the principle of work of the steam cleaner?
The steam cleaner softens dirt with steam. The surface doesn’t get too wet and retains its surface and color.

How is the cleaning done with the steam cleaner?
Water is poured in the steam cleaner, the desired attachment is connected. When cleaning, the steam cleaner is placed on the floor. Cleaning is performed using a steam gun.


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