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The vacuum household cleaner for complex cleaning

•    Dry cleaning and collecting water  
•    Cleaning at home : floor, carpet, upholstery, hard to reach places, various things
•    Cleaning outdoors : stone blocks, tiles, joints, rough stone, facade.
•    Effective absorption
•    Blowing mode (depends on model)
•    Drainage for dirty water outlet
•    Protection against overflow
•    Prevention of secondary pollution with collected dust
•    Automatic shaking the filter (depends on model)
•    A fabric dust collector. Collecting dust filter. HEPA-filter for collecting smallest particles of dust.
•    A floor brush. A round brush. A nozzle.
•    Storage of cable and acessories on the case. Installation a tube behind the case for storage.
•    Firm stable construction. Easy maintanance. Attractive design.

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