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Cottage cheese maker

Home cottage cheese made of natural products

• High quality. Cooking of tasty ecologic pure cottage cheese of rural milk without preservatives at home.
• Fast cooking. Cottage cheese made 2-3 times quicker with the cheese maker than usually.
• Real economy. The cost of the homemade cottage cheese is 2-4 times lower than in a shop.
• Comfort of operation. The convenient bowl made of food plastic. Cooking time displayed. Signal of fihishing

Making of cottage cheese

• Wash the bowl, rinse it with boiled water. Pour milk into the bowl. Add a ferment for cottage cheese or a little sour milk or a bit cottage cheese or a little homemade sour cream. Mix.
• Insert the bowl in the cheese maker. Close a cover. Insert a plug into the socket. Set the time of cooking by pressing TIMER button (depends on a ferment type from 6 to 12 hours). Press START. Upon termination pull out the plug. Place the bowl on a warm water bath. When cottage cheese looks like a dense jelly with small bubbles, remove the bowl off a water bath. Let it cool down.
• Place cottage cheese in two layers of a gauze and suspend. Let it flow down. Keep cottage cheese in the refrigerator no more than two days.

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