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VINIS is a trademark of VINIS ESPANA SPA concern, which started functioning in 1962. It was run by Miguel Fernandez and produced mechanical juicers. The company enterprise was a successful one; in 1972 it started manufacturing new products, such as washing machines and electric stoves. The products were in high demand, this helped create the technological base for the expansion of current production and find new directions in development. In 1978, the concern was headed by Alejandro Fernandez, the son of Miguel Fernandez. He retained the continuity of the business, but revised the policy of the company and decided to focus on the production of household kitchen appliances. The company has paid more attention to earlier nontraditional devices such as portable turbo-oven or yogurt-maker.

Competition in the household appliances market was high enough. To enter the number of world brands, Alejandro Fernandez’ company moved to a new level of production. The company regularly conducted market research and expanded the staff, attracting highly qualified designers and engineers.

In 2008 three products produced by the company were awarded by the Red Dot reward in Red Dot Design Award competition. The competition estimated the design, quality, ergonomics, functionality and compliance with environmental standards.

Today, VINIS ESPANA SPA concern manufactures a wide range of devices for kitchen and home. The concern produces about 8 million units of equipment per year. There are representative offices in Italy, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, USA and Canada.

The concern focuses on social support for young people and holds regular competitions for designers. The winners receive various prizes and a chance to continue working in the VINIS concern. This is a perfect illustration of VINIS’ care about their customers and employees along with the production of the household appliances.

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